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Greening of the seaside

Do you need to get away from it all to advance your professional project? 
Do you want to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs? 
Kerouzec's "mises au vert" allow you to work in a stimulating environment while recharging your batteries.You will stay in seaside gîtes with Breton charm. Your stay will be punctuated by work, exchanges, and relaxing moments with Breton flavours. Would you like to participate? 

2023, a year full of discoveries

For 2023, the Kerouzec crew and its partners will be offering courses, greening, co-living, in the fields of business development, well-being and crafts.

A rich and varied programme to work, recharge your batteries and discover Southern Brittany. 

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Going green at the Métairie Saint-Michel de Quinipily

They were three. Women entrepreneurs, they needed to disconnect from everyday life while working on their respective projects. They came to the Métairie Saint-Michel in Quinipily. Their days were punctuated by work, relaxation, gastronomy and visits. 

What could be better than a break from the daily grind to advance your business development? 

Would you like to organise or take part in a getaway in the heart of Brittany's nature?  

Blue in the heart of the historic city

Ten women entrepreneurs took to the sea for a "mise au vert" in Port-Louis. They took part in the "Mise au bleu" event organised by Juliette Bodson, business and money mindsets coach. The 5-day event was a mix of coaching, work, relaxation, discovery, gastronomy and many stimulating exchanges.
What could be better than the sea, Brittany's nature and the charm of fishermen's houses to disconnect from everyday life and work?
Would you like to organise a getaway in Port-Louis?  


5-star reception at all levels

"I spent a very nice business weekend in the gîte La Vedette and I was more than delighted. Marie is very attentive, available and attentive, she offers a 5 star welcome on all levels. The gîte is well located, you can do everything easily on foot: shopping, walks, visits, restaurants...." 

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Turning blue

"I am lucky enough to have Marie as a client and to have organised, with her and for part of my Mastermind 2021 group, a "Mise au bleu" stay in Port Louis in 2021. 3 days of work on their business, outdoor activities, (very) good restaurants and a great atmosphere under the Breton sun. I highly recommend the Kerouzec gîtes, whether for your business events or your holidays. Marie will help you turn them into exceptional memories."

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Coliving between entrepreneurs

"We spent three days among entrepreneurs in the green.It was so nice! The setting is perfect for relaxingand be inspired at the same time. In addition, the gîte is 30minutes from Port-Louis, so we were able to take a trip to thethe sea as well. Everything is of high quality, I highly recommend!"

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Are you a professional in business development, well-being and crafts? 

Are you looking for a rejuvenating place for your event, retreat, team building, training course ... ? 

We suggest the Gîtes de Kerouzec in Southern Brittany.

You can choose between Port-Louis, the magnificent historic city by the sea or the unique Métairie Saint-Michel de Quinipily in the heart of nature. 

The gîtes welcome groups of 2 to 12 people . The rooms are equipped with 1 to 3 beds, with private or shared bathrooms. 

Do you need more beds and meeting rooms? We can also complete our offer. 

Do you need help with organisation, leisure activities, visits, meals? 

With 12 years of experience in organising international events and a network of local partners, we can take care of the logistics and facilitate the organisation of your event. 

We look forward to accompanying you and making your event stimulating and rejuvenating.


Marie and the Kerouzec crew

Let's work together to organise your event

' id="input_text_en-399468" class="mr2 form-input__builder-form-text b__form--input b__input_sub_block_text" data-sub-block-id="639300" placeholder="Add content" data-provider="summernote"> Are you more of a seaside or forest person? Are you looking for a place with large common areas?Would you like to delegate the organisation ... it is important to discuss this.

2- Preparing the finances

' id="input_text_en-399468" class="mr2 form-input__builder-form-text b__form--input b__input_sub_block_text" data-sub-block-id="639301" placeholder="Add content" data-provider="summernote"> A successful event is also a financially viable event. Not sure about the numbers? We can help you define your priorities to organise an event that suits you. 

3 - The organisation is launched - the promotion starts

Need a hand with promotion? We can refer you to marketing specialists. 
' id="input_text_en-399468" class="mr2 form-input__builder-form-text b__form--input b__input_sub_block_text" data-sub-block-id="639299" placeholder="Add content" data-provider="summernote">Need a hand with promotion? We can recommend marketing specialists. Once we have agreed on our respective roles and partnership, the organisation begins. Lodgings, restaurants, outings or other requirements are planned and booked. At the same time, you promote your event.Need a hand with promotion? We can recommend marketing specialists. 

4- Your event takes place in a good mood

You welcome the participants. Thanks to an agreed roadmap, your event will be able to take place in a stimulating and rejuvenating environment. ... and if, yes, and if ... a little "Couac" happens? Our concierge team will be there to support you ... In short, we plan for the unforeseeable. 

5 - Debriefing time

Happy ending ... yes, but always with a view to improvement. Feedback and debriefing are important steps for the continuation of your activities. 

How to delegate, organisation?

Make a free appointment to discuss this. 

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