Our commitments to sustainable tourism

Since 2010, cocooning, eco-responsible at the heart of history

Our commitments to eco-tourism are aimed at preserving the environment and highlighting the cultural and natural heritage of Brittany. 
Over the years, our approach and our actions have evolved.
This is why in 2022, we have decided to go further. We are currently working on obtaining the European sustainable tourism label. You know, this beautiful little green leaf with white stars, symbol and guarantee for a more sustainable planet... It still requires some adaptations and improvements, but we are working on it. 
Kenavo nature lovers,  Marie and the Kerouzec crew 

Ecogîte - comfort and sustainability

Our guests know that since the creation of our first gîte, La Métairie Saint-Michel de Quinipily, our commitment to the environment is at the heart of our decisions. We wish to offer you environmentally friendly Breton holidays, in the heart of places steeped in history.
This approach brings you comfort in the gite (better insulation, healthy and breathable materials such as lime, sisal, wooden furniture ...).
We also offer you the choice to bring your own drop of water, like a hummingbird, with the choice of environmentally friendly activities, tools for zero waste gestures, the valorisation of local products, help with recycling, ...

Healthy materials

We have renovated the gîtes with the aim of using healthy materials.
Gîte La Métairie Saint-Michel de Quinipily : hemp lime rendering, wood wool insulation, chestnut parquet flooring, terracotta floor tiles, ecological paints, wooden furniture, etc. For the first eco-gîte in Morbihan Gîte La Vedette : Natural fibre floor, wooden furniture, wood wool and cork insulation, wooden partitions, Breton granite, lime... Gîte Le Malabar : Lime renovation of the stairwell, natural fibre floor, wooden furniture, wood wool and cork insulation, wooden floors, lime coatings, ecological varnishes and paints... Gîte Le Victor : oak flooring, wooden furniture, ecological paints, furniture and joinery made in the region... 

Zero Waste Home

In all simplicity, we propose you to facilitate your zero waste stays.
In the gîtes: the bread bag, reusable boxes, laundry bags to replace plastic from dry cleaners... and various tips are waiting for you for your eco-friendly stays.  
What about waste? Yes, you can make waste ...
With the help of information in the Kerouzec welcome booklets, we help you to sort and recycle your waste ... the idea being to produce as little as possible, in all simplicity and at your convenience. 

monitored environmental criteria

The environmental criteria taken into account are- integration of the accommodation into its environment and site,- use of local and healthy materials in the construction of the accommodation,- control of conventional energy consumption for each use (heating, hot water, cooking, electricity),- use of renewable energy - control of water consumption,- management of waste linked to the occupation of the accommodation,- commitment to inform and raise awareness among guests.The criteria are controlled and based on ADEME's guidelines - source:www.voyageons-autrement.com consulted on 15/01/21 

Environmental policy

The KEROUZEC company has been committed to an environmental approach since its creation. In 2022, it has taken steps to obtain the European Ecolabel.
Thus, KEROUZEC is committed to improving its environmental performance. It is committed to managing the impact of its activities on the environment as effectively as possible. It is committed to helping its guests and partners, through simple actions, to promote sustainable tourism. 
For 2023, two major improvement objectives are planned. The first is to improve the management of water consumption in the gîtes. The second is to improve the communication of eco-responsible actions to guests and the general public. The actions are intended to be simple for cocooning stays ... Read the rest of the document 

Our objectives

In order to strive for the best, we have chosen to pursue the following objectives* :- To contribute concretely to the protection of the local, regional and global environment (reduction of the direct impact of structures on the environment)- To contribute to a better management of natural resources (water, electricity, heating ... )- Respond to the strong environmental concerns of a growing number of users- Anticipate foreseeable changes in regulations (energy in particular).We guide our choices with the help of the Ecogîte specifications of the Gites de France, the advice of the CRT Bretagne, and our own research.* source: Ecogîte, Gîtes de France specifications