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Escales à l'Ouest: Escape to Brittany with Gîtes de KEROUZEC

Hello KEROUZEC friends

We are delighted to present the latest episode of Escales à l'Ouest: Escape to Brittany.

In this episode, Marlène and Jill from Gîtes de France invite you to dive into the heart of sustainable tourism in Brittany.

The podcast will take you through some unique experiences, which aim to combine tourism and the preservation of our precious planet.

Get ready to be inspired and realize the power we have as travelers to change the world, one sustainable step at a time.

In this episode, discover sustainable tourism professionals and committed travelers who focus on quality of experience rather than quantity:

- Jessica VISCART, Deputy Director of the Observatory and Development Department at Tourisme Bretagne,

- Mathilde ASTRUC & Ailvin André, Co-founders of Baleadenn, and discover their exciting business,

- Les éco-gîtes de KEROUZEC, with Marie Hervo ( available in French) 

- Anne Lince, responsible traveler and host of Les Gîtes de KEROUZEC.

Listen to the podcast ( you are going to practice a bit of French )



June 2023

A podcast produced by Gîtes de FRANCE BRETAGNE with the participation of Gîtes de KEROUZEC.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)