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Mercredi gourmand

Le Far Breton, a simple recipe that everyone loves

In France, we like to eat, to spend time around the table, to share dishes with our tribes.

In my family, when we have guests, we like to cook Far Breton. You don't have to be a great chef. It is easy to prepare. It always delights the guest. 

When you are in Brittany, you will find it in every bakery. But while waiting for yours vacations, I share with you my mother's recipe. 

The gourmands like to decline it with prunes, apples, even strawberries. 

And you, which version will you choose ?

Plain, prunes or another fruit ?

Do you want to eat some far ?

Two options...

Cook or book your holiday in Brittany.

Or maybe both... Who knows. 

Enjoy the tasting, lovers of Brittany,



1 l of milk

5 eggs

210 of sugar

230 gr of flour

preheat the oven between 180 and 200 ° (around 380 degrees fahrenheit)

1. butter and flour the dish

2. mix the sugar and the flour

3. add and mix the eggs 

4. Add the milk and mix

5. put in the oven

6. watch the cooking after 35 minutes. 

7. Take out the stuffing once the texture is semi-stiff.

8. Let it cool down